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"Justice under pressure", Topi: Legal conditions for correct judges verdicts
Published: May 14,2012 - 14:44
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Tirana - President Bamir Topi sought legal conditions capability for judges to give a correct and unbiased verdict. At the start of the High Court conference of the Central and Eastern Europe, he said that the judiciary branch independence is one of main backbones.

"Legal conditions capability for judges to give a correct and unbiased verdict is a defense stated in the Constitution not for judges, bur for citizens. Only an independent judge has the right to protect and serve justice, not being biased. The judiciary independence is one of the main backbones where the state of the righteousness should rely upon, according to the democracy values we want to be integrated.  It's necessary for the concept to be understood by judges themselves," said Topi.

The conference is attended by US Ambassador, Alexander Arvizu, Jugde of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, John M. Walker Junior and J. Clifford Wallace, judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Albania is the first country to hold this conference.

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