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100th Anniversary of Independence, celebration in Albanian embassies
Published: May 18,2012 - 12:18
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Tirana - The Albanian embassies started organizing different activities for the 100th Anniversary of Independence. Exhibitions and Albanian schools have been opened in Athens, Croatia, Romania and Paris on the frame of the 100th Anniversary of Independence.

An exhibition from Albanian painter Bilbil Mazreku has opened in Athens. This activity was also attended by Albanian Ambassador to Greece, Dashnor Dervishi, who congratulated the painter for this exhibition and for his works, which also included history subjects, nationality and which were inspired by important events and data of our history.

Meanwhile, two schools, where people can learn the Albanian language, have been opened in Osijek, Croatia. The school texts have been provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In Bucharest, the Albanian embassy organized an activity, which was attended by the members of the Albanian Community in Romania, successors of the members of the delegation of this community that attended the declaration of independence in Vlora, successors of the persons who signed the Declaration of Independence, Dhimiter Emanuel and Dhimiter Zografi, and students that study in Romania.

On the frame of the 100th Anniversary of Independence, special activities were organized even in Paris. In cooperation with the World Cultural Center in Paris, a cultural event dedicated to the Albanian art, especially to cinematography and to polyphonic music, was organized.

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