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Florije Peši, pregnant after rape in coma
Published: Febraury 15,2013 - 07:51
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Tirana - The survivor of Himara's accident results to have been raped when she was in a coma. Florije Peši's brother accuses that his sister got pregnant after the rape and he has also made criminal charges.

Everything has been discovered after the 22 year old has abdominal pains. Gynecologist Gjergji Dhomo, in Librazhd's hospital, said that Florije Peši was 17-18 weeks pregnant.

After several visits in Librazhd's hospital, the girl who lived in Katjel village was sent for further check-ups to "Queen Geraldina" hospital in Tirana, where she was hospitalized on January 25 and is currently under treatment.

According to her brother, after being released from the Austrian hospital, Florije stayed with an Albanian family from Kosovo with the mediation of Kosovo's consul in Austria. Librazhd's doctors' statements show that the time of gestation was September 20-25, coinciding with the time when the 22 year old was in Austria.

Regarding the issue, her brother, Gazment Peši, sent a letter to the General Prosecutor, Adriatik Llalla, where he requests the uncovering of this brutal crime and authors held accountable.

Florije Peši was one of the survivors of Himara's accident that resulted in 13 victims and 25 injured. A group of students of Elbasan's University, together with their lecturers suffered an accident after the bus they were traveling with from Saranda fell in Qafa e Vishes near Himara.
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