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"No new negotiations", Kurti: Agreements with Serbia should be deemed invalid
Published: April 09,2013 - 13:48
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Prishtina - "Vetevendosja" movement leader, Albin Kurti, made an appeal not to accept new negotiations with Serbia and requested all previous agreements in the technical and political dialogue with Serbia to be deemed invalid. In a special press conference held a day after Serbia's refusal, "Vetevendosja" leader said that the Serbian state did not accept the agreement not because it was not favorable, but because it was not enough for its greed. Another reason, according to him, is that Serbia has further hopes in Thaši, thus they requested more dialogue.

"We urge political subjects and the whole society to reject every further dialogue. Thaši's individual readiness should be such, only individual, only his. From yesterday's statement we understand that he is saying "yes" to the continuation of the dialogue without reporting in Parliament for his eighth meeting with Dacic, he is preparing for a new process alongside and above the institutions of Kosovo. Kosovo is in critical conditions and should deal with its inner problems (development, state-building and justice), not become hostage of the dialogue with Serbia that serves only for Thaši's political survival," said Kurti.

He said that the interest of Kosovo is not safeguarded by the dialogue of relations with Serbia, but thanks to the fair state-building and economic development based in produce. He requested the support of the civil society and other political forces against this dialogue and agreements with Serbia, in and out of the Assembly.

Amire Qamili

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